Vector 35 and Pilot Security announce partnership provide automated firmware security testing by using BinaryNinja tools to power Pilot Security vulnerability identification

Vector 35, a leading provider of reverse engineering technology today announced that it has partnered with Pilot Security to help power its automated vulnerability identification solution.

Pilot Security and Vector 35 performed an integration between Vector 35’s BinaryNinja and Pilot Security’s firmware security platform. BinaryNinja is a next generation reverse engineering platform developed by Vector 35 for analyzing compiled binaries. Pilot Security’s firmware security platform provides highly accurate and actionable security feedback to device manufacturers, OEMs, buyers, and other customers.

Pilot Security enables the identification of previously unknown vulnerabilities in embedded or IoT devices with high speed and accuracy. The integration of BinaryNinja’s capabilities adds capabilities to perform advanced automated program analysis.

Today, most security researchers are required to spend many hours performing manual reverse engineering to find flaws and vulnerabilities in compiled binaries. However, Pilot Security performs much of this work automatically, assisted by BinaryNinja’s technology. This allows Pilot Security to provide broad vulnerability analysis results for both technical and non-technical audiences. For the more technically inclined security researcher or binary reverser, Pilot Security automatically annotates call graphs and binaries, facilitating easy further investigation in BinaryNinja.

Ryan Speers, CEO and co-founder of Pilot Security, emphasizes that:

“integrating with BinaryNinja provides us with an excellent API-first platform to implement advanced program analysis techniques, building on our years of development and reverse engineering using Vector 35’s tools”.

Jordan Wiens of Vector 35 notes that:

“Our goal is to focus on underlying binary analysis and we love working with experts with a vision to make powerful reverse engineering workflows easily accessible to a bigger audience. Pilot has both the technology and the team to solve these problems for their customers and we are excited to be supporting their mission to automatically secure the world’s firmware.”

Through the unique capabilities of Pilot Security’s firmware security analysis tools and BinaryNinja’s reverse engineering and intermediate language support, security teams can now perform testing and receive actionable firmware security results in minutes. BinaryNinja supports Pilot Security across a broad range of architectures, while Pilot Security’s proprietary technology ensures that the most critical vulnerabilities are identified and false positives are minimized. While other approaches may only focus on securing firmware during development, Pilot Security’s technology is a critical capability for securing IoT and embedded platforms throughout not only their development, but also through their deployment lifecycle.

Pilot Security

Pilot Security is an advanced IoT / embedded security platform which enables security to be integrated into any phase of device development and deployment. By automating analytic techniques developed over a decade of manual reverse engineering, companies can understand the real risks and vulnerabilities in devices, get specific technical guidance on how to remediate them, and ultimately bring proactive security to our complex connected world.

Vector 35

Vector 35 is made up of hackers, reverse engineers, developers, teachers, game-players, and problem solvers. With decades of experience in reverse engineering and vulnerability research, Vector 35 seeks to combine modern program analysis techniques with a focus on practical tooling that enables real-world problem solving. We care as much about the algorithmic implementation as we do about making interfaces and APIs accessible to real-world users, and that design philosophy is embedded into Binary Ninja, our flagship reverse engineering platform.


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