Why IoT Security? Why Now?

Connected devices are rapidly growing in number and impact. Though the proliferation of connected devices creates new opportunities, it also creates new targets.

An estimated 20+ billion IoT devices will be online by 2022. These devices have an impact on all aspects of life from hospitals to the power grid. However, previous methods to secure embedded devices are complex and ineffective.

There’s a Solution

Pilot Security is a rapid, scalable IoT firmware analysis platform, which can quickly undercover the depths of how devices boot-up, establish network connections, and much more. For devices deployed in austere or remote environments in which firmware and other updates are infeasible, the use of Pilot Security’s platform prior to deployment can significantly reduce risks of exploitable vulnerabilities.

How it Works

Pilot Security utilizes a proprietary processing pipeline that ingests firmware, performs static analysis, dynamic analysis, and device emulation, and produces deep insights and actionable recommendations on device security.

Pilot Security can emulate device operations to understand boot, determine how network connections are established, visualize the connections between pieces of device firmware, and ultimately make sense of all of this, so that anyone can make rational decisions about security.

Our Difference

Pilot Security was developed by a team which has worked on the security of IoT and embedded devices for over 10 years, helping startups to Fortune 50s secure their products and enterprises.

Pilot Security is a revolutionary change from from other tools available today and can replace many hours of manual reverse engineering and penetration testing, along with providing rapid and deep security analysis at many stages of product lifecycle where it was previously infeasible to incorporate security testing.

You can read more about Pilot Security by downloading our whitepaper.

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