Pilot Security team members speak at the 2019 SANS Supply Chain Cybersecurity Summit

Ryan Speers, CEO of Pilot Security, was invited to speak at the 2019 SANS Supply Chain Cybersecurity Summit in August 2019, where he presented “Selecting for Security: Searching for Risks from the Supply Chain in IoT Devices at Scale”

This presentation aimed to teach supply chain risks specific to Internet of Things (IoT) products so that attendees could gain an understanding of current challenges for manufacturers and users in addressing these threats, and leave with the tools to combat these risks in their enterprise.

The talk covered the risks introduced to IoT products due to the unique supply chains involved in producing them, and the different ways that security-conscious companies attempt to mitigate those risks. Finally, we reviewed the industry best practices for assessing supply chain risks in potential products.

The talk highlighted a top-5 list of items that an IoT acquisition policy should verify (from a technical practitioner perspective), and discussed methods for how these can be implemented today. Recognizing the challenges faced in evaluations at scale, the talk concluded with recommendations on how automated analysis is the future in helping empower companies to evaluate such issues at scale.

Pilot Security

Pilot Security is an advanced IoT / embedded security platform which enables security to be integrated into any phase of device development and deployment. By automating analytic techniques developed over a decade of manual reverse engineering, companies can understand the real risks and vulnerabilities in devices, get specific technical guidance on how to remediate them, and ultimately bring proactive security to our complex connected world.


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